Could you outrun a dinosaur?! Paleontologists and mathematicians in Ms. Hawkins's 2nd- and 3rd-grades at WP South found the answer. Using their skills with a tape measure and facts from fossil dinosaur tracks, they measured their own legs in inches and compared that to some dinosaurs with similar leg lengths: a Velociraptor and two other dinos. Then they measured their running strides in inches, and compared that to the stride lengths of the three dinosaurs from fossil records. Then they displayed the data in a life-size comparison chart. So...could we outrun dinosaurs? Not a chance! Not even if we had a BIG headstart!!
2 months ago, Ms. Hawkins
Students use measuring tapes to find their leg length.
Students measure the running stride length of different dinosaurs
Students compare the lengths of their running steps to the dinosaurs'
The data for running stride lengths are compared.
Congratulations to our District Top Spellers! Tenley Wittman (No. 23), grade 6, Abel Flax, grade 4, Aiden Miller (No. 5), grade 5, and Alexa Gomez(No. 18), grade 5 (Alternate). These top spellers will compete in the Ness County Spelling Bee on January 25.
2 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
Alexa Gomez, Aiden Miller, Abel Flax, Tenley Wittman
It was a beautiful afternoon for canoeing, in Ms. Hawkins's 2nd-3rd grade. Students made paper canoes that would float, in an integrated ELA/Science/History lesson. Success!
3 months ago, Ms. Hawkins
Paper canoes, ready to float
Students floating their paper canoes in water
Success!  Student-made paper canoes float.
Classes resume tomorrow, January 3rd! Bobcats, we are ready to have you back at school and work! See you tomorrow! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ
3 months ago, Western Plains 106
Ms. Hawkins's 2nd and 3rd graders at WP South have been using their five senses to learn about the First Nations of North America. They examined Native American tools made of bone, stone, antler, leather and sinew; and worked with models of Indian Homes in Kansas, provided by the Kansas Historical Society. They learned about the Pueblo of El Quartelejo near Lake Scott, then they built a pueblo house in the classroom out of giant cardboard boxes to play inside. Using math fraction knowledge and science skills, they made a delicious pumpkin dessert and enjoyed popcorn, learning about these two Native American foods. They also read books of histories and legends, studied maps of North America and Kansas, and listened to American Indian music in their multisensory, cross-curricular learning.
3 months ago, Ms. Hawkins
Students holding Native American tools, standing around a display of Indian Homes in Kansas models.
Students with pumpkin pie they made
Pumpkin pie made by students
Pueblo made by students from cardboard as a playhouse
Ness County Sheriff's department stopped by to hand out some holiday cheer, and have lunch with the Western Plains South Junior High students.
3 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
jh and the sheriff deputy enjoying lunch,
jh and the sheriff deputy enjoying lunch,
jh and the sheriff deputy enjoying lunch,
jh and the sheriff deputy enjoying lunch,
Lots of basketball action coming up this week! ๐Ÿ€ Junior High- **away game** Monday @ Colby vs. Heartland Christian High School- **home game** Tuesday @ Ransom vs. Pawnee Heights **away game** Friday @ Rexford vs. Golden Plains
3 months ago, Western Plains 106
Christmas break is almost here, but we still have a lot to do, finish academic projects, final tests and quizzes, basketball practices, rehearsal for the Christmas Concert (12/19 at 7:00 pm), and more. While we wrap up the semester's last full week (12/12 to 12/16), let us add a splash of fun! CHRISTMAS SPIRIT WEEK!
4 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
Spirit week!
Mrs. Spanglerโ€™s K-1 class has been having fun in science doing a variety of Christmas themed science experiments. Yesterday, we placed candy canes in warm water, soda, and vinegar. We predicted which would dissolve the candy cane the fastest. We found out that warm water was by far the fastest! We completed the activity by enjoying a mini candy cane!
4 months ago, Erica Spangler
Western Plains Junior High Fundraiser. Might make for some great christmas presents!
4 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
RADA English
RADA Spanish
This week the high school basketball teams will compete in the Castle Rock Classic, held in Quinter. Complete brackets can be found below. Good luck to the teams & coaches as they officially begin the 2022-2023 season!
4 months ago, Western Plains 106
WP Sports Spotlight Week of 11.28-12.2
4 months ago, Western Plains 106
Junior High Basketball-- @ Ransom vs. Ness City MONDAY, Nov. 21st Start time 4:30 p.m. Order of games: B girls B boys A girls A boys B games are two quarters in length. No admission. Full concession stand.
4 months ago, Western Plains 106
There will be a Junior High Boys Basketball Parent Meeting in Ransom on Friday, November 18, at 5:15 p.m.
4 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
Parent Meeting JH Boys Basketball
๐Ÿ€ Basketball this week: ๐Ÿ€ MONDAY, Nov. 14- First High School Practices TUESDAY, Nov. 15- Junior high season opener @ Dighton Good luck, everyone!
4 months ago, Western Plains 106
Western Plains North held a Celebration of Success gathering this afternoon. Students were recognized for both academic and athletic achievements including; football, volleyball, math relays, KAYS and more. Student celebrated success with a tasty treat of ice cream and brownies.
4 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
KAYS President receives an award for the 2021-22 school year
Junior high in attendance
Yummy treats
eating the ice cream
Tomorrow the 7th Western Plains is hosting both a junior high and high school Scholars Bowl at Ransom. The junior high meet begins at 1:00 and the high school meet begins at 4:00. The public is invited to attend; there is no admission. Good luck to our teams!
5 months ago, Western Plains 106
Halloween at South's K-1!
5 months ago, Katie Abukhodair
Getting ready for their parade!
Spider web math!
How many counting sticks do you need to build a spider web?
Cutest bunch of kindergarteners and first graders!
Check out what WPS Grades 2-3 have been busy learning and doing lately!
5 months ago, Ms. Hawkins
WPS Grades 2 & 3
Congratulations to our first quarter honor roll students! Check out all of our awesome student on the list here
5 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
Bobcat Proud - Honor Roll