Mrs. Tocohua's Pre- K class spend the week learning about bugs and insects. The students worked on spelling and writing each name out. Mrs. Tocohua explain to the students that insects play an important part in our world, by breaking down waste, maintaining our soil healthy and pollinating flowers.
about 2 months ago, Nephtaly Tocohua
Western Plains North Elementary students traveled to Hays today to go to the Old Fort Hays and the Humane Society! They learned about the buildings at the fort, as well as how Indians used all parts of a buffalo to make things they needed. At the Humane Society, they learned about how to volunteer, what donations they take, and what to do if you find a stray animal. What a fun time!
about 2 months ago, Elizabeth Lund
Spring Photos Tuesday, April 9th!
about 2 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
spring picture day
The regularly scheduled Board Meeting for April 8th has been moved to April 15th and will occur in Bazine at 7:30.
about 2 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
boe meeting
Visitors to WPSouth tonight will get to meet some famous people, brought to life by Ms. Hawkins's 2nd-3rd graders. Studying biographies, students chose a hero, read many books and researched that person. Today they stepped into their hero's shoes, and will tell their true stories at Family Literacy Night, tonight in Bazine from 5:30-7:30 pm.
2 months ago, Ms. Hawkins
Marie Curie
Neil Armstrong
Jane Goodall
Harriet Tubman
Lionel Messi
Harriet in action
George Washington
Western Plains will observe a 2 hour late start on Tuesday, March 26, 2024. Mud routes will be in effect, please be observant of road conditions and travel safe.
2 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
Western Plains will run mud routes on Tuesday March 26, 2024. Travel safe Bobcats!
2 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
Please join us in Bazine on Thursday, March 28th for Family Literacy Night! South students have been working hard on their presentations and Reader's Theater skits. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be served 5:30-6:00pm with a presentation about our Little Free Library starting at 6:00pm. Student presentations will begin at 6:10pm. We will conclude the night with a fun goodie walk with goodies provided by the teachers. We will also be hosting a book drive in conjunction with Family Literacy Night. Please help us stock our Little Free Library by bringing a new or gently used book with you to donate.
2 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
Family Literacy Night!
Family Literacy Night in Spanish
Book Drive
Book Drive in Spanish
In social studies, South 2nd-3rd are studying Ancient Roman contributions to modern U.S. civic life, building and construction. Today they built roads using edible materials and Roman design. The crew gave the project thumbs up for learning and taste!
2 months ago, Ms. Hawkins
Roman roads thumbs up
Road crew
Road builders
Roman road-building close up
Bad weather kept our Western Plains 4th and 5th Grade students from the Hays Symphony in October. So Mrs. Flax decided that they should have a MUSICAL PARTY! Thirteen North and South students attended the party at the North music room on February 19th. They enjoyed “musical popcorn,” where the lid was left off the popcorn popper, and, VOILA! — popcorn fireworks! While the popcorn popped, they listened to “Popcorn” by Hot Butter, “Popcorn” by Barenaked Ladies, “1812 Overature” by the Spirit of America Ensemble, and “The Nutcracker: Scene XII (Russian Dance)” by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. After the popcorn was done, it was gathered up and added to a buffet of snacks. The kids got comfortable with their snacks, pillows, and blankets, and they settled in to watch the VERY musical Disney movie, “Encanto.” The story and music in this movie was extraordinary, and the kids had a LOT of fun watching it with their friends. A special thank-you goes to Katie Abukhodair for donating cookies, chips, and juice pouches to our party!
2 months ago, Denice Flax
Western Plains JH and HS students participated in a 20th Anniversary Music T-shirt Contest. Students had to have the following elements in their designs: Bobcat, music symbols or music theme, and the motto, "Western Plains Band and Choir: 20 Years of Making Music." Music students in grades K - 12 voted on nine different designs. The students pictured were in the group who won the design contest, and they are wearing their winning shirts. Congratulations, Bobcats! ♫❤️🐾
2 months ago, Denice Flax
20th Anniversary T-shirts
Western Plains South presents Egg My Yard a fundraiser to support student learning. Book your spot today! Candy-filled eggs will be hidden in your yard for Easter morning and include a special Easter Bunny note. Book your spot today! Deadline to order is Friday, March 15th. Open to all of Ness County! For more information or to place an order, contact Amanda Wittman.
3 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
Egg my yard fundraiser
Egg my yard fundraiser in spanish
Egg my yard fundraiser order form
Egg my yard fundraiser order form in spanish
There has been a change in schedule, March 8th will be a professional development day, instead of a student contact day. Students enjoy your day off.
3 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
No School March 8
Come one, come all! Western Plains Robotics clubs will be hosting their final meet on their home "field". Everyone is welcome to come watch our kids show off their skills.
3 months ago, Miss Tiffany
Flyer- Spanish
THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY MUSIC SHIRTS ARE IN!!! We are in the process of bagging up orders. If you placed an order, and you don't receive your order by Friday, please let me know. Pictured are the students who designed our t-shirts. Their design won by a vote of all the music students, K-12. Their prize is a free t-shirt from Mrs. Flax. Congratulations!!
4 months ago, Denice Flax
Mrs. Tocohua's Pre-K class spent the week learning about different means of TRANSPORTATION. The students have enjoyed learning about all the different vehicles we can use to get from one place to another by land, water, or air. The students concluded the week by presenting their posters.
4 months ago, Nephtaly Tocohua
Presentation Time
Presentation Time
Presentation Time
Transportation & Colors
Transportation & Colors
Transportation & Colors
Mrs. Abukhodair's K-1 class spent 2/2/2024, celebrating two events, Groundhog Day and 100th Day! We read about Groundhog Day, we made some Groundhog Day predictions to which everyone chose early spring and Phil confirmed that, aftwrwards we did some 100 day activities, and for recess we got to feel the first sprinkle of our "early spring".
4 months ago, Katie Abukhodair
Taking Phil out to declare the weather, K-1 had many questions.
Waiting to hear the prediction, they were all whispering, "no shadow, early spring", some even crossed their fingers.
Here were K-1 predictions, even Mrs. A wanted an early spring.
Phil saw no shadow, it was declared an early spring.
A taste of an early spring.
A taste of an early spring
100 Days of teaching this amazing group of students!
It was also 100 days of being silly. They all have a silly side to them.
An extra 100 silly picture.
Mrs. A's K-1 class had another visit from Jr. high students on Wednesday. They played some math games and had recess together.
4 months ago, Katie Abukhodair
They love this game!
Big sister playing a game of war with her younger siblings, they shared a lot of laughter!
Of course this was a big hit once again.
Jr high and K-1 playing together during recess.
Jr high and K-1 playing together during recess.
Jr high and K-1 playing together during recess.
Jr high and K-1 playing together during recess.
Nihad, Mrs. A's daughter pushing one of the K-1 students.
Ms. Hawkins' 2nd-3rd graders at South have been studying money in Math, and reading Greek myths in their *Wonders* curriculum. Today they put both together with Social Studies and imagination, and recreated an Ancient Greek marketplace! Students donned Greek tunics, set up Greek food stalls, bought and sold goodies with one another, and tried new foods. They paid and made change using their replica classroom coins from Math. All ended the day with full tummies, big smiles, and so much multisensory learning!
4 months ago, Ms. Hawkins
Ancient Greeks!
Olives for sale
Fig cakes for sale
Bread for sale
Grape Juice for sale
Pomegranate seeds for sale
Pita bread (and plastic kid-safe knife)
STUCO is hosting a Chiefs spirit week next week for the Super Bowl. We look forward to seeing your school spirit.
4 months ago, Western Plains USD 106
Chiefs Spirit Week