WPHS is excited to  welcome six new students this year.  Five are foreign exchange students and one is a transfer student coming to the area as her dad works for the wind farm.  

David Andres is a senior from Spain. He chose the foreign exchange program to “meet new people, and to live a new experience”. He plans to be a part of football, basketball and golf. 

Brooke Henning is a sophomore from Cheney High School. Her first impression of WPHS was that it was very small, as Cheney is a 3A school. She is involved in volleyball, cheer, track, and music. 

Alessandro Lampis is a junior from Italy. He decided to be a part of the foreign exchange program “Because my sister did it when I was young and made him want to try”. He is looking forward to getting to know a lot of people and what it is like in the US. 

Marta Paz is a sophomore from Spain.  Her interests outside of school are “hanging out with friends and being with my host family”. She plans on doing volleyball, basketball, and golf. 

Hector Punelle is a junior from France. His first initial thought of WPHS was that he “thought there was going to be a lot of farmers”. His interests outside of school are cooking, and hanging out with friends. 

Vojtech Tupec is a junior from the Czech Republic. He is looking forward to the basketball season. He is planning on doing all activities. Some of his interests are the gym, cars, and sneakers.

The Bobcat family will do our best to ensure that these students have an outstanding experience at WPHS.  We look forward to what we can learn from them, to new friendships, and overall to a great year.