Bad weather kept our Western Plains 4th and 5th Grade students from the Hays Symphony in October. So Mrs. Flax decided that they should have a MUSICAL PARTY! Thirteen North and South students attended the party at the North music room on February 19th. They enjoyed “musical popcorn,” where the lid was left off the popcorn popper, and, VOILA! — popcorn fireworks! While the popcorn popped, they listened to “Popcorn” by Hot Butter, “Popcorn” by Barenaked Ladies, “1812 Overature” by the Spirit of America Ensemble, and “The Nutcracker: Scene XII (Russian Dance)” by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. After the popcorn was done, it was gathered up and added to a buffet of snacks.

The kids got comfortable with their snacks, pillows, and blankets, and they settled in to watch the VERY musical Disney movie, “Encanto. ”The story and music in this movie was extraordinary, and the kids had a LOT of fun watching it with their friends.

A special thank-you goes to Katie Abukhodair for donating cookies, chips, and juice pouches to our party!