The cast of "Caught In the Web" would like to thank everyone who came to our play and supported us Saturday night.  Thank you for your generous donations of $475!  It will be used for the play next year.  

Thank you to Pat and Jackie Casey and Cletus and Pat Flax for donating the food for the dinner.

Thank you to Mrs. Casey for cooking the dinner.  It was delicious!

Thank you to Kyleigh Cole, Denice Flax, Crissy Payne, Asa Cole, Abram Cole, and Kenneth Flax for helping with dinner set up, serving, and clean up.

Thank you to Anna Henning for donating the decorations.

Thank you to everyone who donated desserts.

Thank you to Mr. Bernie Flax for building our set.

A big thank to our director, Mr. Dittmer, for making it all possible.