Maci Mishler finds post-graduate success

As students graduate from Western Plains, they go off into the “real world” and step into the next chapter of their lives. Every issue, the Cat Tracks staff chooses one past graduate to feature and see what they have been up to since their time at Western Plains. 

This issue’s Feature Alumni is Maci Mishler (Hagelgantz), a graduate from the class of 2014.

After leaving Western Plains High School, Mishler went on to attend Washburn University in Topeka, KS. There she majored in Political Science while also earning minors in Leadership Studies and Women and Gender Studies.

Mishler was kept pretty busy with her studies, but when she was not studying she took part in the
Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute at Washburn University sharpens the student’s skills in education, empowerment, and experience to make them into bright leaders for the future. Mishler highly recommends this to future students!

Western Plains High School is a small school and with the size of enrollment, there can be
advantages and disadvantages. When asked about what advantages she sees from attending a small school Mishler responded, “When I tell people that my graduating class was only 13 people,
they’re shocked. But I always thought of it as advantageous. I knew everyone in the school, andmy teachers were able to focus more on the students as individuals. I feel like fewer students fell through the cracks and everyone could receive a stellar education if they wished.” 

Mishler sees only one disadvantage of attending a small school and that is being involved in everything which can be a tidbit unnerving at sometimes, but with this disadvantage, she also sees some good things about it. She sees that being involved in everything can be a benefit as it looks very good on a college admission resume.

As time goes on alumni do miss some aspects of high school life. When asked what Mishler
missed most about Western Plains High School she commented, “Looking back the thing that I missed the most is high school sports. I remember our coaches saying we would someday miss sports and wish we had put more emphasis on practice and hard work. Now, I completely agree with that. Don’t tell them, but sometimes I even miss sprints.”

Nowadays Mishler is living with her husband, Braden Mishler, in Manhattan, KS as he finishes
his Master’s Degree. They also have a dog and a cat. She is currently working at Kansas Medicare
Advisors, a company specializing in retirement planning. She is a founder and advisor in this
company. She enjoys her job very much with her favorite part being able to interact with the people that she serves.

Mishler was a very great addition to the student body of Western Plains High School and we wish
her the very best in her future endeavors! Also, if you need to talk about Medicare, Mishler would
love to talk to you!