Western Plains teacher recipient of country music teacher classroom initiative

Jake Gill, Country Music Singer 

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Denice Flax Ransom, Kansas has been chosen to be a recipient of a new program called the Country Music Teacher Classroom Initiative. The country music teacher classroom initiative (CMTCI) is designed to provide teachers with classroom supplies and project funds across the United States.

Teachers create a wish list of desired items for their classroom and project materials needed throughout the year. This list is distributed weekly on social media as part of country musician Jake Gill’s ongoing initiative to serve children and now teachers throughout the US and the world. Items can be purchased by anyone in the world and delivered directly to the selected teacher.

Mrs. Flax is a Kindergarten / First Grade student teacher at North Elementary. “I’m proud to say that I’m a third-generation teacher. I also have many aunts and uncles who were teachers, so I grew up hearing teaching stories around the dinner table during the holidays. One of my favorite things in this life is to watch a child learn something, I mean really GET it. That moment brings them so much JOY! Their faces light up and they are so excited. I want children to be confident learners and to love school. That happens best when we help them be successful. One of the ways I do this is to incorporate music into the curriculum. We start and end the day with a song. I use snippets of music to teach a sight word, vowel sounds, or parts of a plant. Music is mathematical in nature, so it helps build counting skills. Most songs have rhyming lyrics, which helps students learn how to manipulate sounds in words. Music makes learning memorable and fun!"

In addition to classroom supplies and project funding, Mrs. Flax’s class will also receive a song writing session with Jake Gill via personal visit or Zoom video. Students will be able to select a topic of interest and together as a class, write a song that will be shared with their school and community. Jake believes that song writing can help stimulate the creative dimensions of a child and provide a healthy emotional environment of expression. “Song writing combines the therapeutic benefits of music with the creative release of bringing our thoughts to words. Today’s child is experiencing more stress and trauma daily, than in times before. To be able to express their thoughts and feelings in a healthy manner, is crucial to a thriving development.”

Jake Gill, a 7-year member of the Country Music Association founded the CMTCI after a series of life changing events in the early spring of 2020. It is his hope that teachers and classrooms all over the world can benefit from this program.

To support Mrs. Flax’s and her classroom please visit her wish list https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3H6TYTYE0UKRM.

Items purchased will ship directly to her. If you would like to nominate a teacher to be a recipient of the CMTCI, please visit the website: http://jakegill.net/ or the Facebook group:


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