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Debbie Fairbank is pictured in the kitchen at Western Plains High School in Ransom preparing the sauce for lunch for the day. Fairbank has been a committed employee at Western Plains USD 106 since 2008.

RANSOM- There are many employees that make Western Plains a place where everyone feels welcome. 

Debbie Fairbank is just one of these employees that helps bring a smile to everyone’s faces. 

In the year 2008, there became a position opening at Western Plains in the kitchen. When this came to be, Fairbank applied for the position and eventually wound up getting it. In the beginning, there was some hesitation about the position, but as time went on the hesitation soon disappeared. 

Fairbank commented on the change of pace from her previous job at the grocery store saying, “It was pretty overwhelming at first. I had never cooked for large groups before, so that took time to get used to.” 

She would later go on to become head cook and continue to work here for many years to come. 

Throughout the years, she had the opportunity to watch her daughters grow up throughout school and see many other students become outstanding individuals. Watching her daughters grow up and being active in organizations they were in are just some of the fond memories that she has had while working here. 

Outside of working in the kitchen Fairbank has also gotten involved around the school. During her summers ‘off’ she partakes in the summer maintenance crew and gets the school buildings ready for the following school year.   

For many years she was on the board of the WP Rec Commission, where she organized many events. 

She is actively involved with the WP Post Prom committee and WP Booster Club. For a couple of years before she was the president of the Booster Club. Also, Fairbank has been involved with junior class concessions and more. 

Like many, Fairbank enjoys all that comes with her job at Western Plains. When asked what working at Western Plains means to her she stated, “I am very proud to be an employee of Western Plains. It has been fun watching the students grow over the years. I enjoy the friendships that have developed with co-workers and students.”

We are very thankful for all that Fairbank does for our school district and for what she continues to do. We hope to see her continue on the hard work and to see her showcase all her possibilities. From all of us, at Western Plains USD 106 thank you, Debbie, for that you do for our school!