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Western Plains

Junior High/South Elementary


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Western Plains JH Create Dream Bedrooms

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In Mrs. Mauch’s Studies Skills class, the students are creating their dream bedrooms. First, Mrs. Mauch had us draw a map of what we want our room to look like. Then we had to draw a scale map of how big it was and how big our windows and doors were going to be. After we did all that, we had to find furniture, like couches, chairs, or beds. We could also find wall paint and carpet or hardwood flooring. We could also look at the TV’s. After we found what we wanted for our rooms, we could print it so we could use the cost and put it on our poster.  We were given worksheets in which we had to figured what the full prices would be for our windows, doors, paint, and other things for our rooms. We also had to have the areas of our rooms figured for our worksheets in order to figure what the full prices for everything would be. When we had finished with all of this, we started on our posters. On the posters, we included the pictures of our things for our floors, walls, ceilings, and more. We also had to add our original designs of our rooms, and the scale drawings of our rooms. We displayed these posters in the hallways.  We also filled out a survey and some answers are listed below.
What did you enjoy while doing this project?
Nayeli:  “I got to imagine my future room.”
Tim:  “Looking up all the stuff on the internet.”
Betsy:  “Shopping for the furniture.”
Kenya:  “I got to make my own dream room!”
What surprised you while doing this project? 
Mahilin:  "When you put flooring in, I thought all you needed was tile.  But you have to put something down before the tile so they won’t come off easily.”
Jahdai:  “How much money I spent on my dream bedroom!”
Stephen:  “How much stuff I want that I probably will never get.”
What were some things you learned from this project that you didn’t know before?
Jayme:  “I learned how to add and subtract area and figure out how to find out how much space my important things took up.”
Taniel:  “I did know that hardiebacker board existed.”
Alana:  “Some things I learned would be what you need to install carpet and ceiling.  And finding dimensions and some math.”
Samantha:  “I found out how much the flooring and ceiling cost.  I didn’t really know what that stuff cost.”
Monica:  “That math could be fun!”
Darren:  "I now know how to find the amount of something I need without buying way too much.”
Mahilin:  “Figuring the cost of the floors and walls.  Finding area and how much I’m supposed to buy so it would be enough for the whole room.”
Carlee:  “When you are trying to figure out how many cases or cans you need to buy, it takes a lot of calculations.”
About how much did your dream bedroom cost?
Most students estimated that they spent between $10,000 and $20,000.  Five thousand was the lowest estimate and $50,000 was the highest.  Most of the students were 
very surprised at the cost of designing their rooms.
What would be your important item in your dream room that you wish to have in real life? Why?
Carlee:  “The most important thing is the size of my room.  I want this in real life because I would have enough storage and would be able to have more of the furniture
that I want.”
Jacob:  “The couch because I like to have something comfortable.”
Gage:  “It would be the sectional.  It would be nice to sit on a sectional in my room.”
Brayden:  “The mini fridge so I don’t have to get up.”
Tabitha:  “The bed because I love to sleep.”
Taylor:  "The closet because I have a lot of clothes but nowhere to put them.”
Darren:  “The chandelier because it would look cool.”
Tim:  “The dirty clothes area because I don’t like baskets all that well."